The Improv Adventure

Where will improv take you?!

That’s the question we explore with The Improv Adventure! Join the adventure and be a part of creating a show where no one – not even the players – know where we’ll end up!

So you know what The Improv Adventure is, but, do you know who creates the adventure? All of The Improv Adventure Players are graduates of The Adventure Project’s improv training center. That’s right – each player started in Level 1 Improv and came up through the ranks! Now there are members of Graduating Class #1 and #2 that play on stages all over town. Who will be on stage from Graduating Class #3? It could be YOU!

Rhona Bentz – Player — Class #1

From an early age, Rhona was destined to do improv, with her first words being, “Yes, and. . . ” Realizing her potential, and making all sacrifices, Rhona’s parents enrolled this child prodigy into a prestigious improv university, where she graduated with their highest honors, Magna cum loud-er. Over the years, Rhona hit rock bottom, and became a drifter of sorts. In order to support her lifestyle of living in a fancy cardboard box under a bridge in Hawaii, she took on odd jobs, with the most challenging one: proof-reading M&M’s. She also found herself dabbling into the world of scripted theater, but eventually came full circle to reconnect with her improv roots. In addition to liking piña coladas and getting caught in the rain, Rhona enjoys taking those cliche long walks on the beach to catch a sunset, eating all-you-can-eat sushi as often as possible, and maintaining good oral hygiene. She believes that somewhere along the way she has lost her Filipino card so if you happen to find it, please return it to her as soon as possible.


James Desmond – Player — Class #1

After completing 37 laps around the sun, James “Dez” Desmond coincidentally completed his improv training. You may recognize this handsome man from many of Limelight’s productions. Dez lives and works in St. Augustine. What he does is none of your business. James Desmond likes to be called “Dez.”

Milt Harris – Player — Class #2

Born in the wilds of Kentucky into a family of barkeepers, preachers, and teachers, Milt first appeared on stage in the Longfellow Elementary School’s production of The Case of the Missing Comma. Buoyed by these early rave reviews as a punctuation mark, Milt has utilized the last five decades to express his love of the dramatic arts by working in countless community theater productions as an actor, director and producer. As Milt puts it, “I did theater to meet girls, actually.” True to his word, Milt did (after many failures) meet a girl, whom he married almost 40 years ago, and who appears with him on many stages. Or, as wife and costar Teresa says, “Of course we do shows together. I’m not letting him out of my sight.” When not on stage Milt spends all of his free time attempting to build the perfect margarita.


Teresa Harris – Player — Class #2

Teresa’s first time was here in St. Augustine in a small bayfront apartment at a party. The experience brought her to tears. In Charlotte she paid to learn how to do it better. In Georgia she showed others how to do it. She’s talking about improv, of course. She and her husband even founded their own improv troupe – The Attention Deficit Players. Upon moving back to St. Augustine, Teresa started attending The Adventure Project classes and became a member The Improv Adventure.


Kathi Jones – Player — Class #2

Kathi is delighted to make her improve debut with The Improv Adventure. Lifelong training in hamming it up with her Dad at home all these years, she is formally in The Adventure Project’s improv classes at Limelight Theater. She loves performance art and is currently doing short video projects that have her interacting with total strangers. You may recognize Kathi from the Halloween zombie invasion of St. Augustine Halloween or from her synchronized swim dance.


Carolyn Mudgette – Player — Class #2

Carolyn has always enjoyed being in front of people and relishes the laughter a captive audience can provide. Her earliest memory of this was in third grade as she ambled across the stage to the roar of laughter as Charlie Chaplin. Carolyn is active in the community and has found participating in improv to be as much fun as it looks. Her personal pet peeve? When someone says they’re “bored.”

Personal motto: “If it ain’t fun, I ain’t doin’ it.”


Dana Palermo – Player – Class #2

Dana is thrilled to be a part of The Improv Adventure in St. Augustine. A native of Philadelphia and Italian mother of two darling, little maniacs who consistently impair her memory and challenge her executive functioning skills – she improvises on a daily basis. Drawing on her former career in reality television, Dana is also very used to making stuff up. Dana enjoys yoga, shark-tooth hunting and binge watching Netflix TV series. Like many Sagittarians, she is outgoing and she likes to travel. An introverted extrovert, Dana is looking forward to performing in public – but, please don’t look at her.


Amy Angelilli – Director, Producer & Ringleader

Amy began her improv journey with her first divorce some 15+ years ago. Since then, she has completed improv training at two training centers, performed and taught in five countries and appeared in a dozen improv festivals. Since moving to St. Augustine in 2015, she has touched people from three to 93 through the power of improv. She leads the improv training center at Limelight Theatre which consists of five levels of improv training. All of these numbers have dramatically helped her improve her accounting skills which, much to her father’s chagrin, were marginal at best in college. She hopes to continue leading improv adventures around the world while submitting receipts to her accountant.


About Us

The Adventure Project is a full-service, experience-based company based in St. Augustine, Florida that offers improvisation, laughter yoga, mindfulness exercises, camp games, retreat activities and team building for personal and professional development. We host individuals, organizations and travel adventures by creating transformational experiences through the art of play.